2023 Healthy Driven PSACC Harvest 5k Run/Walk & Kidz Miler

September 24th, 2023


Run the series.

Healthy Driven Running Series

5k Team Challenge

We have TWO types of teams again this year. Get a group of friends and/or family together to make a (wait for it) Friends and Family Team OR you and your coworkers to compete in the 2021 5k Corporate Team  challenge and see if you have what it takes to take home the travelling trophy. Please create your team when you register online. Your individual participants will still have to register. If your team misses joining your team contact the Chamber Office and the staff will make sure your team members are added to your Team.

*** Please note: The first two people to register for a team ARE CHARGED $35 BUT will get refunded $3 when the third person registers for your team, making it official. The third participant for your team and after that will be charged $32.

To determine the winners of the team challenges, each team requires at least three members and the score will be total the placement starting with the best three members of the team within their age/gender group. Low score wins. So having some fast people in the not-so-young age groups will help just as much as having fast people in those young categories. If we have a tie like we have almost every year, we will keep taking more of the best finisher's placements until the tie is broken. We have seen the that just using time to break the tie just ends up with the youthful team winning. With taking more of the best members of each team, it retains the age/gender contributions of all.

Registration deadline for the 5k Team Challenge is on Thursday September 22nd at 7:00pm. Registration is limited

Pick your Team Type - Friends/Family or Corporate Team. Friends and Family would include as the name implies families, friends and where the running groups should be registered. The Corporate Team must consist of employees of that company or business.